Movie Poster made to activate the initiative


"It´s quirky, but I must admit it is a good idea."

Al Gore Spokesperson


55 million children around the world suffer from hunger. 19 million are malnourished. Five million die each year. It would cost 3 billion euros to eradicate the problem. The NGO Action Against Hunger has developed practical ways of dealing with malnutrition and wants to spread information about RUTF, an energy-dense foodstuff.

To encourage ordinary peope to become participants in the battle against hunger as well as increase awareness among governments, we decided to focus on asking just one person to help. That one person is Al Gore. After doing a good job raising awareness of climate change with his film “An incovenient Truth”, perhaps he could do the same again for children in poverty and distress.

The campaign is a public inter-national appeal to the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Al Gore, to direct a documentary about the fact there is an effective and achievable solution (though quite unknown) capable of giving these children the chance to live full lives with RUTF.

In the website people could sign the petition. Posters were displayed all around the country the same way Hollywood blockbusters are promoted. Even cinemas showed the poster in the ´coming soon´ section.

Spanish and French celebrities, including two Nobel Prizes, asked Al Gore to make this movie.

Article on Time Magazine